Making Good Use of Recyclable Bottles

It is no farce that a majority of the trash filling up landfills across the globe is made up of bottles. From plastic to glass, there are numerous ways in which these recyclable bottles can be put to use. In a bid to try and save the environment from the harmful effects of dumping these recyclable bottles, several organizations and companies try coming up with ways of putting these materials back to proper use. The following are some of the various ways these companies are achieving this. The processes can be replicated in different environments, and, due to the availability of waste bottles everywhere, globally.

Waste-to-energy programs

Plastic is usually made from petroleum. The amount of energy contained in all that waste plastic can be reclaimed and used to power various machines. Organizations and companies have taken this fact into account and are trying to pursue this alternative. Plastic, for instance, can be converted into liquid fuel in a high heat process. The combustion of plastic may produce gases like carbon and nitrogen, which must be regulated. It is, however, a better alternative to the more harmful methane gas that is constantly being produced in the landfills by decomposing waste. In some places, recyclable bottles are being used to produce electricity. Once again, combustion of plastic is employed in the production of energy that generates electricity. This can be fed back into a grid and is a valuable way of both producing energy and making use of all the plastic waste that is damaging the environment.

Structural and decorative applications

A more creative way of using recyclable bottles is creating stuff out of them. You have probably seen the many artistic projects made from recyclable bottles such as chandeliers, pencil holders, planters, or even lampshades online. If you are not the artistic type, however, there are also several other ways in which you can put recyclable bottles to good use structurally. A simple project would involve using the bottles to make vertical hanging gardens for planting simple herbs such as mint, spring onions, celery, and more. Recyclable bottles can also be used to make a complex structure such as a garden wall or backyard partition. Some people have also been able to combine art and functionality to come up with parking canopies or roof-like structures entirely made from recyclable bottles. This is a good way of participating in the remediation of the environment, while also coming up with useful structures. Such projects, if done correctly, can even be scaled up into an actual business. It is never too late to join the cause and help put to good use all those recyclable bottles filling up the environment with unseen dangers.