Questions You Should Ask Before Powder Coating Your Products

Have you researched or talked to an expert about powder coating, and you have decided that this is the technique you will use to coat your products in your next project? Well, you have made an informed decision. Powder coating is a beautiful and durable way of coating manufactured or fabricated products, tools and equipment. The key to getting well powder-coated products is to work with a reputable service provider in your area. But before you seek the service, it is crucial to ask some questions to know more about the procedure. Some of these queries are outlined below.

What's the powder coating procedure?

Powder coating is a technique that's used to apply a protective and decorative finish to different materials and products. Usually, finely ground particles of resin and pigment are mixed and then sprayed on the surface electrostatically. But before the powder is applied, the materials or products must be cleaned mechanically and chemically to protect the substrate. Once the dry powder is applied, the structure is heated in a special oven so the powder can melt and flow to create a uniform coating, a process known as curing. The result you get is a high-quality, uniform, durable and attractive finish.

Can any item be powder coated?

This is another popular question most consumers ask. The truth is that powder coating can be applied to metallic substrates like aluminium, steel and zinc-coated steel. But that's not all. Due to the adaptive nature of this procedure, products made of glass, plastic, composites, MDF and wood can also be powder coated. However, it is essential to note that the application process is slightly different from that of the metals. Usually, these products are preheated, and then the powder is sprayed immediately. This heat melts the powder to form the desired finish.

What's the maintenance process for powder coated products?

One of the best ways to ensure powder coated products last longer is maintenance. Over time, the effects of pollution, UV light, grime, dirt and salt deposits accumulate on the product surfaces. For this reason, it is crucial to implement a simple maintenance routine to get rid of any residues or dirt. The general rule of thumb is to clean products bi-annually, but if you live in an area where pollutants are prevalent (industrial or coastal regions), the cleaning should be done more frequently.

So how do you clean? Get a wet sponge and use it to remove loose deposits. Use a soft cloth or non-abrasive brush and a detergent solution to eliminate salt, dust and other deposits before rinsing off with clean water. For more information about powder coating, contact a professional.