Considerations to Help You Hire the Best Laser Cutting Services for Your Manufacturing Needs

Cutting is one of the most commonly employed fabrication techniques. Whether your manufacturing business employs sheet metal or solid metal supplies, cutting is a vital step of the fabrication process so that your supplies can meet your product specifications. Nonetheless, simply because this is an integral part of the processing and manufacturing industries does not mean that anyone can carry out this job. For the best results, not only do you need to choose the best cutting technique but you should also leave it to seasoned professionals that will mitigate the risk of mistakes and, consequently, reduce the risk of wasting costly materials. [Read More]

What Type of Finish Is Suitable For Your Steelwork?

One of the vital things you need to consider when you have a steel fabrication project is the finish. This is the surface treatment that changes the steel product properties to boost its functionality, longevity and decorative appeal. Finishes also improve a product's electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, torque tolerance, chemical resistance and durability. With that said, it's clear that you have to make an informed choice when choosing a finish for your fabricated products to enjoy these benefits. [Read More]

Comparing 304 and 316 Stainless Steel in Fabrication

In Australia, both manufacturers and fabricators make extensive use of stainless steel. This is partly because preformed sections of stainless steel are available to use off-the-shelf directly from stock. Of course, stainless steel fabrication firms will add a great deal of value to the basic components that can be purchased directly. Sheet, coil and plate sections of stainless steel are among the commonly stocked components. Others include sections of steel flooring, bars, wire mesh, pipes and fasteners. [Read More]

Questions You Should Ask Before Powder Coating Your Products

Have you researched or talked to an expert about powder coating, and you have decided that this is the technique you will use to coat your products in your next project? Well, you have made an informed decision. Powder coating is a beautiful and durable way of coating manufactured or fabricated products, tools and equipment. The key to getting well powder-coated products is to work with a reputable service provider in your area. [Read More]