5 Signs You Need a Metal Fabricator to Make You a Toy Hauler

A toy hauler is basically like a small garage at the back of an RV or caravan. It has a ramp and allows you to easily store dirt bikes. ATVs, mountain bikes, and other "toys". You can buy RVs that come with toy haulers, or you can hire a metal fabrication company to customise one for you. Here are five signs you need a custom toy hauler:

1. You Want to Add a Toy Hauler to an Existing RV

If you already have an RV but it doesn't have a toy hauler, you may want to hire a fabricator to create one for you. They can add that area to your existing RV, or you may be able to modify some of your RV into a hauler by adding a ramp and an opening. The fabricator can look at your existing setup and advise you accordingly.

2. You Have Too Many Toys to Haul

In many cases, you can just tow toys behind the caravan. In other cases, you can put a rack on top of your RV and put mountain bikes, kayaks, or other "toys" on that. However, if those transport solutions don't work because you have too many toys, you need a toy hauler.

Remember, you can never have too many toys. You can only have a lack of places to haul them. A toy hauler can help with all of that.

3. You Need to Protect Toys From the Elements

Even if you can comfortably put your toys on a rack or haul them behind your caravan, you may want to protect them from the elements. A toy hauler acts like a portable garage.

Whether you are on the road or stopped at a caravan park for a few weeks, you can keep your toys in the toy hauler. That protects them from rain, wind, salt corrosion and similar elements.

4. You Want a Spot for Temporary Storage

A toy hauler can also provide you with a storage spot for temporary or permanent basis. If you don't have space in your garage and don't want to rent a storage locker, a toy hauler may be the perfect solution. Whether you are travelling or not, it gives you a space to store your items.

5. You Want a Screened in "Porch" on Your Camper

Toy haulers don't just have to be mobile garages attached to your RV. They can also work like screened in porches on your RV. You can open the door (which often doubles as a ramp). Then, you can enjoy a meal or a quiet evening behind the screen.

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