Avoiding Oversights When Choosing Plastic Packaging for Your Products

If you have a new product or are planning on improving an old one, consider the acquisition of quality plastic packaging. In general, plastic packaging is favourable for commercial goods because the material offers protection against contaminants. Also, this choice is affordable in comparison to alternative materials. Additionally, plastic offers a lot of options for easy customisation. However, if you make poor choices when choosing your plastic packaging, the results will be poor. Here are essential tips to remember before making your order.

Think About Your Product

When acquiring plastic packaging, think about the nature of your product. The specific characteristics of your item will determine the type of item to order from your manufacturer. For instance, if your business handles food products, consider the safety of different plastic packaging. Avoid plastics that could compromise the safety of the food items. If you are dealing with a delicate component, the packaging must be thick to ensure protection against external conditions. Therefore, evaluate the vulnerability of your product when designing your packaging.

Consider Transportation

Transportation is an often overlooked aspect when designing plastic packaging. The lack of proper evaluation of the transit factors leads to the damage of goods before they reach the consumers. Therefore, evaluate the unique haulage condition for your goods. You can discuss common problems with your handlers to avoid mistakes. The most common issue for plastic packaging is the lack of sturdiness. Haulage involves rough handling of a high volume of goods, impact loading and even bad driving conditions. Ensure your packaging is tough and durable. Ease of handling is also a concern. If your packaging is easier to carry from one point to another, the goods will be safer.

Calculate Long-term Costs

Plastic packaging is inexpensive for large scale manufacturing or general production needs. However, the specific costs will depend on the decisions made during the design and fabrication phases. Therefore, discuss your product at length with a qualified plastics packaging manufacturer before deciding on your order. For instance, plan for branding the packaging. A good design with colours, images and fancy texts are attractive to consumers.

However, you should think about the effect on your budget. Simplifying the design could reduce the costs and even give your product an edgy and minimalist look. Also, consider the size of your packaging relative to the products. Large packaging sizes will increase your costs because of the additional materials required for fabrication. Therefore, evaluate the dimensions of your items and develop a well-matching packaging design. 

Talk to a plastic packaging manufacturer to order your packaging.