Tips for Working With a Waste Oil Collection Service

If you have waste oil that needs to be disposed of, you could be thinking about using a waste oil collection service. Using a waste oil collection service can be very useful; read on to learn how to make the most of your upcoming appointment.

Find a Service That Will Pick Up the Oil

Some companies will require you to take the used oil to them so that they can dispose of it. As you can probably imagine, this can be a big hassle, and you might be worried about things like oil spills in the process. You will probably find that things will be a lot easier for you if you can find a waste oil collection service that will pick up the oil from your place of business for you. Luckily, many companies do offer collection services; some offer this for free or charge a very low price for oil pickup, making these services more than worth it.

Estimate How Much Oil You Need to Dispose Of

When making arrangements with a waste oil collection service, you should try to provide them with an estimate of the amount of used oil that you need to get rid of. If you're going to be using their service weekly or on another schedule, then you should try to let them know approximately how much oil they will be picking up each time. This can help them be prepared to handle your used oil, and it can help them give you a more accurate quote for their services as well.

Let Them Know About the Oil Type

Different companies have to deal with different types of used oil. A lot of companies work with waste oil collection services so that they can dispose of old motor oil; for example, many auto repair shops and factories that have a lot of equipment use these services for this purpose. However, restaurants and food processing facilities also make use of waste oil collection services so that they can dispose of used cooking oil. When making arrangements to use one of these companies, you will probably want to let them know about the type of used oil that you will be disposing of.

Make Sure You Store the Used Oil Properly

Until the waste oil collection service sends someone out to pick up your used oil, you will need to store the oil. Make sure you store it in containers that are approved for this purpose for safety purposes and to prevent environmental issues, such as leaks.