3 Primary Reasons Why Powder Coating Is Good For The Environment

Powder coating, has, over the last few years, become more popular than the traditional liquid finish method. This is thanks to the fact that powder coating is more durable and allows the production of a wide variety of attractive finished products that have a unique design in a wide range of vibrant colours and a shiny gloss. Another well-documented benefit is that powder coating is an eco-friendlier alternative compared to the conventional finishing methods.

The process of powder coating has several benefits for the environment. Here is a brief look at three such environmental benefits that you can look forward to enjoying by using powder coating for post-fabrication finishing

1. It contains Negligible Amounts of VOCs

Because the process of powder coating does not require the use of any solvents, it releases very negligible amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) if any. On the other hand, finishing methods such as painting that use solvents continue to emit VOCs into the air even long after the paint job has been completed.

Apart from the direct risk to human health that exposure to these compounds have, VOC emissions also contribute to the formation of ozone. The presence of ozone so close to the ground will have far-reaching effects including slow plant growth and decreased crop yield.

2. The Process Is HAPs-free

The solvents used for paint thinning and stripping contain Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs,). These pollutants, alongside VOCs, will adversely affect the air quality and cause severe illnesses if you inhale them. The process of powder coating, on the other hand, does not contribute to pollution of the air in this sense because the process doesn't produce any HAPs.

3. No Waste And The Overspray Is Reused

With painting, any excess or wasted paint is usually drained out and may find itself in the environment where it will pose a serious hazard to the ecosystem as well as human life.

With powder coating, there is very little waste that is generated in the production or application of the powder coating. There is no comparing this amount to what is produced with liquid coating methods. Again, any overspray that may happen during the process of powder coating is easy to collect and can 100% be reused.

If you are keen about doing your part to save the environment and enjoy other benefits to foot, then it is definitely time to make the switch from liquid and aerosol paints and carefully consider powder coating.